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  • Will my print be signed by the artist?
    Yes! All prints are signed by the artist and added a certificate of authentication so you know it's made by us.
  • Should I choose matte or gloss finish for my art print?
    The answer lies in your personal taste and preference. The only time it's necessary to use a gloss finish is with darker paintings because a matte finish will otherwise flatten the dark colours. Don't worry though! Whenever that's the case you are only given the gloss option anyway so you really can't choose wrong :)
  • Do I need to frame my paper art print?
    Probably, yes. Depends on what your plans are but it comes in the form of a thicker art print paper and it will require a frame to be hanged on the wall.
  • How fast can I get my print?
    The art prints themselves are made pretty quickly but the ultimate time estimate will depend on your location and how you want your purchase to be shipped. If you're looking for an express purchase, please get in touch and we'll see what we can do.
  • Will my canvas art print be ready to hang on the wall?
    Yes, immediately.
  • Where are the art prints made?
    All art prints are made locally. Marita Liivak Art has an on-going partnership with Elavad Pildid which is a local print-shop in Estonia.
  • What does Canson® Infinity Aquarelle Rag mean?
    This is the name of the special art print paper the image is printed on. If you choose this, you will receive the print on paper.
  • What's the "Original drawings" page and why does it have a password?
    That is a link to all available original drawings and sketches that are for sale on this site. It's a members-only access page so you need to subscribe to the page to get a password and have access to the page. Alternatively you can message us and we'll gladly provide you the password without a subscription as well.
  • Can I purchase an original painting?
    Yes, original paintings are available for purchasing but they're usually not mentioned on the site. If you're interested in original paintings please get in touch and we'll provide you with all the information needed, including possibilities to see a painting live.
  • Can I commission a painting?
    No, painting commissions are not available.
  • What is the "Collectors priority list"?
    The "Collectors priority list" is a subscription list for collectors who want to get priority e-mails when a new original painting is ready. Subscribers get an e-mail with an opportunity to buy a painting before it's released on socials. Sometimes it also carries special offers or news only shared with collectors.
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