Through art I tell stories about my personal experiences as means of sharing joys and relieving pain. Even though I believe a painting should stand on its own, sharing stories alongside the work has proven crucial to the connection I have with the audience. The first stage of this act is therapy for myself and the second is comfort for others.


I’ve found through years of this practice that the need for candid stories about one’s experiences is in high demand. It’s not common to share one’s struggle openly because as humans we are extremely complicated beings. Often it’s not the lack of will holding us back but the lack of understanding. In my practise I spend a lot of time studying psychology starting from ancient philosophers to modern thinkers. The aim is to be in the know of today’s ways of thinking and its heritage but more importantly to deepen the understanding of myself as a human being. 


In the end I think that being such intricate creatures it’s impossible to reach our true depth and often words will fail in describing the human experience. That’s when I pick up the brush to paint a picture that gives meaning to my existence.