I am an artist in its all-encompassing meaning and have been so my whole life. I paint and talk about my experiences and thrive on topics that make me feel uncomfortable. Subject matters vary from mental health and sexuality to daily comedy, awkwardness and candid moments. Due to a natural tendency to be drawn to challenges and discomfort in order to grow,I reject mediocrity and instead of shying away from challenges, I celebrate discomfort not only for my own sake but for others as well. 

The depth of my emotional capacity is what allows me to create exceptional art. The creative process is intuitive, mixed with technical proficiency and always accompanied by music that matches my mood of the moment. In this state of flow I create from the soul, revealing parts of myself I wasn’t formerly aware of, using vibrant colours and sensual figures. It’s an important point for me to not fear my work and to trust the creative process. Even though I believe I am capable of creating compelling art, I can not control it nor intentionally force it to come out. For the sake of authenticity and my own sanity the only intent in creating is to express my inner affairs which makes the work autobiographical and real.

I enjoy the fact that people are not going to feel nor think exactly the same about my work as I do. The beauty and frustration of art lie in the same thing–it is entirely subjective and open to interpretation. After I put it out, it lives on it’s own and in everyone’s mind differently, yet I’ve shared a human experience that will always be somewhat recognisable to the viewer. Knowing that our bizarre and troubling experiences are essentially the same, relieves taboos of the human experience and brings us closer to each other and ourselves. 

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