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An artist sitting in her studio

Marita Liivak is an artist in its all-encompassing meaning. She conveys her life-experiences through art and thrives on topics that exceed the lines of comfort. Subject matters vary from mental health and sexuality to daily comedy, awkwardness and candid moments.​

Liivak's depth of emotional capacity is what allows her to create exceptional art. The creative process is intuitive, mixed with technical proficiency and always accompanied by music that matches the feeling of the moment. In the state of flow she creates from the heart using vibrant colors on large canvases and sensual figures. An important practice for Liivak is not to be intimidated by the work and to trust the creative process. Her work is mostly inspired by events in her life and accompanied emotions which as a result make the work autobiographical.

She enjoys the fact that people are not going to feel or think the same about her art as she does. The kind of art she creates is supposed to be subjective and open for interpretation. After publishing, the artwork starts a life independent from the artist. The one thing in common will always be the human-experience which each individual interprets uniquely. It’s a chain-reaction started by the artist and continued by the viewer. The shared experience brings us closer and the individual views make us enriched.

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