I started out as a kid copying my mother's drawings and cartoons. I spent a lot of time learning anatomy and classical drawing. after joining Deviantart I was heavily influenced by anime and various talented artists I encountered. online. through the time I developed my own style which to this day has a hint of anime. 

I started drawing digitally in 2009 when I bought a Wacom Bamboo fun tablet. I've used various programs including Gimp, Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop and most recently 3d program blender. I learned painting in Tartu art college and have continued painting ever since. these days i use various media depending on the mood and the necessity - traditional or digital. 

why create art

Having an overly active mind and a need for explanations for my inner turmoil has brought to you the paintings and illustrations you see.

Art is an excellent tool for providing the viewer with a readily digested thought to consume without having to go through the process behind it. ideas and feelings are communicated through colors, figurative images, portraiture, and humor. the aim is to share personal experiences and tell stories as a tool for finding comfort in being a human being with all its faults and thrills. my art is from one human to another.