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Marita Liivak is a contemporary painter who lives and works in Tallinn, Estonia. Her personal style emanates a true passion of telling one’s story through art. She dismantles and observes subjects that become relevant in her life so that she can share her story with others. 

As a child Marita taught herself drawing with the help of cartoons and the internet. Later she earned a Bachelor in Painting in Tartu Art College.  She spent one year abroad in Sicily, Catania in Accademia di Belle Arti. There she learned about the food, the culture, the language and local skills of drawing and painting. The year in Catania wasn’t as relevant to her technical competence as it was to her disposition and growth as a person. 

After graduating Marita was launched straight into a start-up company called IMEPILT studios. In the 3 years she spent there she built the company's visual imagery, did animation, concepts, built a creative team, worked with Disney writers on a script, reached the position of the CCO and ultimately left to pursue her artistic career full time.

Nowadays she's focused on the subject of self-acceptance and finding peace in Being. She tells stories through paintings and deepens her vocabulary for explanations through psychological literature.

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